i decided not go to to mendoza, kythe and i both decided it wasn´t worth the 14 hours, so instead i wandered off with kristian to find some mattresses and just walk around all day basically.
waiting around for carry to eat some parrillada and then hopefully aprille, ferg, juan and kythe are all popping by and we´ll find something to do with ourselves.

buenos aires, party city?

i really wanted to get tattooed tomorrow but because of the metre and a half of rain that flooded the streets the shop is kind of wrecked so i probably won´t be able to.. i´m going to stick around here one more week, probably leave the 10th, and then go down to mar del plata and then go meet up with diego in miramar, and from there PATAGONIA AWAITS.

as usual, this could be totally useless information, cause i´m sketchy.

in any case, last night i started sketching, and that sketch turned into a page full of sketches that made me want to sketch even more and more and so i´ve decided to make a little comic of my travels, because thats what the sketches are :) i even made a little map and everything. my southamerika looks like it´s pregnant but hey, it´s my southamerika now!

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