i sit here listening to paranoiche and can´t help but smile at the story behind the title, and even though none of the ntk wankers are here with me all i need to do is log on to the site and listen to a track and they´re here, somehow, in spirit. it was nice to run into mirko again wearing the mir shirt, i snapped a picture. mir in argentina!
kernel panik arrive here in april. so i might cut my bsas time short and head down to bariloche as soon as next week and then come back up here in april for that.. damn you, tekno, damn you.

i had a rather interesting night last night, people here are... very caliente to say the least, it´s such a change from montreal night life! one more example of the difference between people who live in the cold and people who live with the sun, i guess.

i was walking to meet with juan and kate and someone stopped me in the street asking if i was aprille.

uh no, but i know her..?

very weird.

i think i could like living here after the first few days i´ve been here. porteños seem to be a strange bunch, they remind me a lot of catalans, and therefore a lot of montrealers - we´re all kind of in a league of our own, strange cities with strange lifestyles.

i think i might actually try and get an actual night´s sleep tonight, in lima i never slept, on buses i sleep with one eye open, and if not i´ve usually been waken up by the insane heat, so i think i´m going to pass out about now ish and wake up with the heat at noon, and go out and do my stuffs.

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