ladies and gents... now, with working pictures!

let´s see some pictures, shall we?

i´ve selected my favourites from my trips, but feel free to just look at the main flickr page.

Lima - Tacna.

Arica, Chile -- my possee and the colourful little houses.

dark, dark, dark, white! dark.

if amelie and i ever decide to move to arica, we can live side by side.

kimy´s house

Arica - Calama - Jujuy : The Atacama

this dog and i shared half a sandwich in calama at 9 am. then he followed me for an hour. i named him tramp.

the valley of death on your left, the valley of the moon on your right, and the valley of the dinosaurs straight ahead

desert, salt flats, and snow capped andes

going up to 5 000 metres is a hard thing to do, but the road is always beautiful isn´t it?

it was really high up.

at the aduanas. go biquette, go! it´s such a random picture.

saying goodbye to chile...

... and hello, argentina: my first glimpse of my promised land. i felt like moses, except i didn´t die when i crossed the border.

more to come later. have fun with the pictures, if you want.

obsessive linking.


thanks to everyone who donated to my narfette does southamerika fund, and look at what i found randomly etched into the street:


ok i´m out. love you.

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