weekend update with a brainless cat

ok. buenos aires, you got me. you got me good. it´s monday morning and i feel like i´ve been hit by a bus from overconsumption of cheap argentine wine and tekno.

tekno, oh thank the heavens, for one night in hackney, and for girls with red stripey dreads to dance with and hump speakers with (i love you aprille!), and por favor quieres comprarme una cervezaaaa, i´ll be your new best friend, and what do you mean i passed out and missed the bus? where is everyone? ah well, hey mirko let´s take 10 pictures of ourselves looking like zombies and then i´ll pass out on your lap on the way back to buenos aires and you can play with my dreads ok? purrfect.

now I need to figure out what I´m doing today, i think pierre arrives tonight, so i wanna invite him and his girlfriend to a parrilla so we can eat so much cow we start to moo.

send braincells please.

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Flakie a dit…

Whoo!! C'étais pas si compliquer créer un compte!! Tekno party hein!! Désolé, je pense que le niveau de cellule n'est pas tres élevé dans le coin non plus..... Va voir sur ravewave ya une photo de moi entrain de humper le speaker pour toi. J'ai l,aor d'un singe dans une annonce de peta contre la cruauté faite aux animaux. Et je suis en train de crier ton nom.
Les photos sont superbe!! mets en plus!! Yé!!
J't'embrasse xx
J'adorre ma maison rose!!