naked maté


it brings people together in strange ways: last night i met a 22 year old italiana from kernel panik with dreadlocks and pigtails travelling solo like me, it was really interesting. she knows most of the drop in crew that i met when they were in montreal. we agreed on certain things and giggled furiously while cursing the fact that the church-turned-into-a-club did not have columns for us to properly enjoy the music. but at least there was music, right, and beer, and smiles, and chris liberator always plays, and i think of louis whenever i hear it. i love how polak plays, craaazy acid it´s wonderful. man, i wish you guys (ntk wankitos) were here, even with the language barrier you would probably have a blast anyway.

entonces, i had a blast, those guys are craaaaazy and sweet and sometimes total assholes and i love it they remind me of us back home, completely disorganised (donde esta esta puta cable!) and they start late and end later than expected and call after parties at people´s houses who don´t want people there.
total wankerz.

this morning i woke up next to a nekkid aprille and it felt like waking up net to ben, like a warm fuzzy comfort blanket, and then we drank like 20 matés and got craaazy and wore tutus (wonder why people were staring at me at the convention?) and showed off our asses and took stupid pictures because we´re stupid girls.
would somebody please take us out to the curb where we belong?

i went to the tattoo convention to keep aprille´s hangover company but bolted after about 2 hours when i noticed that i felt like a freak among freaks. i hate when people stare at me, like STARE at me, and seeing as i am not overly nor visibly tattooed i felt like i had nothing to do there. that, and the crazy lady with the painted boobies didn´t smile back when i said nice tits with a goofy grin.

i reaaaally need to get out of buenos aires or i might just get stuck here. it´s got one of those black hole auras. i still haven´t been to the train station - mañana, mañana, as they say. i´ve stopped actually expecting anything to happen mañana, mañana, and i´ve kinda gotten into the habit.

why do today what you can do tomorrow?

awesome. total procrastinators.

i think i might have been a gaucho in a past life, seeing how much maté i drink. i ove that shit. with sugar. without sugar. in any form. in a bowl, in a cup, in a gourd, whatever, just gimme that stuff. i think i might just throw out all of my clothes and stock up my backpack with maté.

or maybe i´m just nuts.

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