i made it.

i´m here.

3200km in one week.

i´m in ushuaia.

i dipped my feet in the icy turquoise waters of the magellan strait and watched the smallest dolphins on earth swim next to th boat.
i cried when the boat docked on tierra del fuego.
i cried when my feet finally touched its soil.

right now i am so happy, i have no words to describe it.

you have to see it to understand.. and even then.. i don´t think pictures could justify the emotion i felt.

however. in the midst of all this happiness, a person i was lucky to have met a few years back in montreal and who i hoped i would see again in 3 weeks in buenos aires has passed on... seb from drop in caravan was shot and died in brasil last week.

i can only wish the best for his son and claire at this point, because it´s terrible news and i´m still in shock.

all the more reason to stay safe...

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