i know i should be out doing stuffs and i was out doing stuffs but i´m so bloody tired and the namakanamakenawhatever club we were at was horrible and i really only wanted to go see the wankitos and chill and curl up in a ball with some tekno before i end up all alone with no music save for an accordeon that i don´t know how to play.. and i don´t have any numbers and i´m just.. argh. argh. argh.
i´m listening to family affair and it almost makes me want to cry at how amazing this entire trip has been and how lucky i´ve been with all the people i´ve met and the crazy experiences, and that i could be so selfish and ridiculous to be pissed off that i´m not with a bunch of wankers listening to the same records i listen to in montreal.
i need to sleep well and eat properly (not just empanadas and provoleta, which is basically a slab of provoleta cooked on parrilla with pesto and olive oil it´s divine) and get myself to the train station and figure out what i´m doing before buenos aires eats me alive and i end up stuck here. not that i´d mind it, but i need to shed my skin and run naked in the middle of nowhere for awhile. sleep under the stars and walk, walk, walk, walk, walk.

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