where have you been all my life

seems like an appropriate entry title, seeing as i´ve said it every day now for the past 10 days. it´s true though - i looooove carry, i loooooove kythe, i loooooove aprille, i loooooooove the oos guys (who now say wanker proudly, i call them my wankitos jaja, i´m in good hands with my new best friends ever), and i loooooooooove cheap beer.

i have come to the conclusion that porteños are walking penises. as in, i can´t walk out of the house without cat calls, hola mamis, or go out without some random guy coming up to me and attempting to molest me on the dance floor.
or in elevators. growling. with cat eyes.

um. yes. so. new topic.

i saw pierre last night and finally met the famous flo, and carry, ferg and aprille came too, i invited everyone out but carry paid for the 10 beers :) by the time pierre and flo left i think we killed them with our beer consumption!

i need to get on a train for bariloche so then i can start my walking towards cape horn and before my only friends for 2 weeks become guanacos and penguins.
maybe i should adopt a street dog.

tomorrow pictures i PROMISE.

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