this phrase made me laugh hysterically for a good five minutes because it was so random.

my danish "roommate" kristian:

tank tops are like vaginas.. i like them tight but they´re never long enough."

um. ha. hahahaha.

i talked to my father today who called me here, about five minutes after i complained i hadn´t gotten news in 10 days and he usually complains when i don´t send news.

he´s jealous, and thinks that my spanish is good: Plus qu'impressionné par la qualité de ton espagnol, heh. heheheheh. heheheheheheheh. sorry. it´s just never happened before, so i´m kind of gloating.

mentally preparing for a 3400km journey that needs to be done in 3 weeks is kind of hard, considering i don´t really know what´s out there. i want to follow a bruce chatwin'esque journey across the barren treeless plains but i want to trace my own path and i´m not quite sure how or why but i figure i´ll just follow my gut instinct at every stop. it´s been pretty accurate so far, so why not just continue that way?

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