it´s been raining pretty hard for the past 2 days, and here when it rains, it pours.
for hours.
and then stops, and drizzles, and starts up again.

it wasn´t as bad as last week when the street i live on ended up like this:

but almost, in some areas, yet i still managed to walk to viva and see aprille and finish the stencil for the tattoo and changed my bridge jewelery so now i feel like me again with my metal back on my face.

so, i promised pictures. a lot of them are drunken party pictures or pictures of people so i only have a few.

this one is for amé.

this one is for L1L1 who will understand if she looks at the label.

this one is just because i love the 2cv and the colour and the license plate.

this one is because aprille rocks.

this one because it fucking rules.

these because these people make me happy.

this one for my crew.

tonight carry and i are going to walk over and say hi to the transvestite/transsexual street workers. awesome.

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