eres una duendita!


my god.

i woke up this morning and stepped outside and my jaw dropped when i saw that i was surrounded by snow capped mountains and the water, and the port and the wildlife and ...


words really can t express how i feel. i have dreamed of this place for so long, and it really is beautiful, the town itself is a tourist trap but i walked around the mountain a bit, and i bought a few calabasas for mate, and tried to find a way to cape horn....

well, i found a way. i met two young scandahuvians from norway who kindly offered to take me there.

for free.

now. i know it s really really really risky to get on a boat headed for the end of the world with two complete strangers. especially when they re having a leaky motor problem.
sooooo tomorrow morning i am supposed to meet up with them for lunch and see what s going on.. if my instinct says backoff, i will forget about this whole sleeping in the lighthouse at the end of the world idea and frolicking with penguins, if my instinct says cool beans i follow.
i am constantly trying to push my limits further.. but at what point is it just pushing it? when i told marcin he did that big brotherly "CAAAAAAAAT" thing he does like when i said something about a russian cargo to antartica...

anyway. i am still thinking about it.

one of the french guys i met on the bus told me he met an artisan the other day in puerto madryn who said "hey, i met this crazy french chick who was hitching to ushuaia!".
a + b = yeah, that was probably me.


i prance around town with a sparkle in my eyes and a smile with my bloo elf hat and my polar blanket wrapped around me poncho style, my accordeon hooked up to my belt, and everyone stares at me funny, and the artisans call me over and ask me if i really am an elf - when i told the story of my adventure down from carmen del patagones and the norwegians he said to me:

eres una duenda.. una duendita azul, porque tienes magica chica...

maybe. just maybe.

my face looks different. my eyes have changed colour. i am metamorphosed by this adventure through argentina and patagonia is my mistress, tierra del fuego my dream, the way the landscape went from the patagonian steppe to wild crazy forests and streams in 5 seconds is amazing, winding roads around the andes...

words. can t. speak. just. awe. love. love. LOVE!

could someone throw on some slayer cause i think i ve gone hippie on myself. jeebus.

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