my mother told me never to play with fire but i was never one to listen

my ticket is booked and i´m happy to be going back on the road but saddened to leave behind me a handful of people who have made me feel so at home in the two weeks i have been here.

i leave for carmen del patagones, a small town south of bahia blanca, to go see the sealions and then i follow la ruta 3 all the way down to rio gallegos.

someone pointed out to me yesterday that more than 50% of patagonia belongs to ted turner, benetton, sylvestre stallone and other such moguls. i knew before that many of the indigenous populations of argentina (more specifically patagonia) had been driven off our their lands so that a few rich folk could come and be ranchers 3 days a year, but i did not know to what extent....

A majority of the Mapuche indigenous people living in Patagonia do not hold legal title to the land that their ancestors lived on before the arrival of the Spaniards, but which figures as publicly-owned property. That is why indigenous land is frequently sold off, and it is the problem underlying many land ownership disputes in the region.

Fucking colonialists.

but I am a hypocrite, for I live in Canada, a vast territory that was completely stolen from the tribes who it rightfully belongs to.

i´m finally starting to understand the term that i hate so much. yes. i´m talking of course about white guilt.

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