shackles of sedentarism.

hello all, from my desk at the buenos aires office of olx.com, aka my new capitalist prison.

it could be worse.

i enjoy buenos aires, so it's ok. i'm still pretty broke until payday on the 4th, but surviving thanks to my chéri Carrycito and occasional beer runs with the teknowankers. I've been pretty calm, not going out very much, practising poi lots, not making much artesania these days.

anyway, not much going on, no adventuring, no travelling, no boli (i still cry about that, i'm pathetic, aren't i?).

just fyi: i'm going to upload some pictures soon of my B.C. and California adventures, so stay tuned for that.

also, this entry was edited to include some pictures. please go drool at beautiful baja beaches.

that is all.