donde aprendiste a tomar maté? - que dices, no es una scienca, es maté, boludo!

on my third maté of the day, stuck inside because of the rain and cold and greyness that settles onto ushuaia in the autumn, chatting away with the staff and the paraguyayos who are here on vacation. (one of them is dancing michael jackson styleez as thriller plays in tyhe background, quite well might i add, what a sight!)

last night i walked around with a newly found friend and we sat and split a bife four ways: for ourselves and for the two dogs who had decided to sit with us and beg for affection. then one of them followed us back to the hostel, where we were for about two hours, and when we left to go out he was sitting in front of the gate waiting for us. awwww.
then i went to this place named kuar for a drink, the music wasn´t my favourite but the barman with his dreads coiffed pineapple style was kind enough to give us some free drinks.
there was a circus type show, with firebreathing, sword swallowing clowns who then proceeded to throw shaving cream pies on everyone present in the club. myself included. with music by emir kusturica and goran bregovic! sweet.
anyway i went to talk to them after and they told me to come round later tonight for a show, one of them is from buenos aires and is going back up this week through esquel, bariloche and el bolson, which is my route.
this is me trying to get a free (or at least cheaper) lift back up.

i decided to bail on the norweigians, well firstly it´s raining so i´m not going to adventure out the 3km walk separating me from the port, and secondly... it just seemed too farfetched, even for me, and that´s saying something.
there is, however, a french family docked on the bay, and i´m going to try and see with them, it seems safer to be with a family then with two scandahouvians.
and even at that.. ok, so what if i didn´t make it to the REAL end of the world.. i still made it to tierra del fuego and ushuaia and that is what matters in the end right?

the clouds are thick and milky and the mountains are barely visible, it´s about 5 degrees outside and very wet, so no glaciers today, unfortunately.

i´m fairly upset right now as my darling kerido kenhitomio (aka ze pequenho) has a tumor on his eye, and the cheque i left for my roommates seems to have disappeared, so i have to figure out a way to fax a copy of my visa to the vets, and the operation is going to cost about 300$, 300$ which i can´t afford to pay but i´m willing to give my last penny to save my sexy boy, just as i spent more than half of my south amerika fund on vet fees for him before i left. arrrrrg. poor bebe.

and my poor roommates who have to take care of him instead... i´m a bad rat mom.

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