comme les journées sont longues...

awake at 9:30, a rare occurancy for someone such as myself, but i ended up crashiong at one am, and it was the first time in a very long time that i slept eight consecutive hours without interruption since i´ve been in south america, or at least for as long as i can remember.

i was actually woken up by the sounds of people saying "wow it´s so nice out! it´s a good day for trekking!", and i was on time for breakfast for once.. i prepared myself a few matés as usual and saw that the dreadlocked street dog who keeps following me around was waiting for me in the garden, awww, he´s a cutie. cariñoso, a glutton for affection he is.

as the sun was (finally) out and the sky was blue, 15 degrees, we decided to hit up some nature today. accompanied by a paraguayo slash monkey man, a half american half paraguayo and a mexican (who won the BME scolarship! fancy that!) we tried to hitchhike the 20km separating ushuaia from the trekking site, but 4 people hitching is kind of ridiculous so the only person who picked us up was a local bus taking other trekkers to the site.. well 25p for 4 people isn´t so bad i guess, it´s better than 25p per person!

because of the heavy rain over the past few days it was incredibly muddy, and the "moss pit" as we called it was full of water.. needless to say, with my skate shoes i looked pretty pitiful. and my sprained growth plate didn´t make hiking up very easy, but i had a big stick to help me and although i got my foot stuck in the mud a couple times (BIGFOOT!) i managed to get up to the laguna esmeralda and back down without too much difficulty.

it was a 5 hour hike going to and from, generally it takes 3 hours but we were jumping over trees and trying to find dry land so we strayed from the path a bit and it took us a bit longer... when we finally saw the green lake and the albino glacier it was like a smack in the face, waterfalls around us and the surrounding glaciers peeking out shyly from behind neighbouring mountains. superb.

my feet were sopping wet by the time i got back to the hostel (which is great, really, a very family atmosphere and many different nationalities, nothing to do with THE POINT ARGH ARGH) and right now my shoes are plopped up on a tree stump next to the radiator, here´s hoping by tomorrow i can wear them again!

a couple pictures to tease you, more tomorrow.
blogger templates suck because they cut my pictures off, boo.

look! i´m an elf!

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