you might stop the party but you can´t stop the pizza

i just spent an hour writing an entry that i thought was top notch, and stupid mozilla crashed and I LOST IT AS I PRESSED PUBLICAR.


coincidentally, my other entry was all about ARG, and how much i love it, even though it makes me angry on some days (i blame that on my raging hangovers and random passer bys raging libidos, hola mami this, dipshit), it makes me really happy most of the time. i mean, how can you not love a city where you can get a slab of cheese on the grill for 2$ and beer is cheaper than water?

oh, and have i mentioned how gorgeous the men are?
the men are gorgeous! albeit BATSHIT CRAZY, slightly misogynistic, and oh so very macho. but like my father said.. what the hell else would you expect from a mix of italians and spanish?

i figure next week i´ll hit rosario for a day, and then jujuy and up to the bolivian border where i can hop a train to vallegrande and then santa cruz, where i´ll take the (dun dun dun) death train not only once, but twice, because doubling your risks of dying is always better in my book, with the lovely miss kythe rawson (yer a nutter, nutter), before hitting uyuni and la paz, lago titicaca and returning to peru. i have exactly one month to do all this.

i figure if i can hitchhike 2500km in 3 days i can do this in a month.

when i look back on my month in argentina i think of so many things, so many wonderful things come to mind, like low laying fluffy clouds and open spaces, ché, boludo, splooge and puntitas, crazy beer filled nights and green-almost-yellow eyes (and as such, elevators, you crazy bastard), sleeping under shooting stars and windy plains, icy water and dolphins; i think of giggling furiously and stripey red dreads, pumping tekno fists and waking up with things written on my leg, chilling winds and scorching deserts, sprained ankles and simultaneous sighs of satisfaction met with bursts of laughter, multicoloured mountains and muddy shoes, street dogs and choripans, dead guanacos and flaming drag queens.

but mostly i think of the love.

so much love. so much at some times i felt i was going to explode. so much love it made my eyes change colour and my face took on an elfish glow down south in ushuaia (<3), so much love in this country, or maybe it was just me that needed to get it all out of my system, i´ve been holding that stuff in me for a while.

i also think of my alfajor sister (she´ll get the joke, will you?) who´s gone now (cry), and that i´m the only trashbag left out on the giant curb that is buenos aires, or malos aires, whichever you prefer, depending on my mood and my state of ebriety, so now who am i gonna hump speakers with?

and carry who has been so amazing, so sweet, opening his home and his heart to me, putting up with my drunken rants and (not-so) mediocre (anymore) castellano and my overconsumption of maté.

i´m totally marrying him. love you cariño, hey you´re sitting next to me in the cyber café fancy that...

oh, and by the way, i have some really awesome friends, specifically mossieu crevette, aka MY NEW FAVOURITE PERSON EVER (tm).
gracias bómbon! i owe you dinner and a (downloaded) movie.

i´m off to spread the (speaker)love.

(and maybe eat a chori. or three.)

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