que linda onda!

ticket for tucumán booked, i leave the black hole that is malos aires on monday at 9 am, accompanied by miss nasty kate. sweet.
the train from palermo to retiro takes you through approximately 2 km of shanties, it´s quite astonishing to see them. nothing in comparaison to peru´s shanties, but still something.

i ran around all day, well actually i waited around all day, for people who never showed because we missed each other, or because i have no patience or probably mainly because i´m really bad at giving indications. sorry, mike, sorry, kythe. i deserve a beating.

while walking from one point ofrendez vous to another i was stopped by a deaf man selling little cards, he pointed at my hair and smiled, and then pointed at my back to ask how long it was, so i took my hair out of it´s messytail and he laughed, and then motioned to my piercings and made the international sign for "you are crazy." it was sweet.
two blocks later, a toothless old man carrying cardboard boxes started asking me if my hair was real, and i explained that it was but wasn´t, and he laughed a big toothless laugh proclaiming that it was the nicest hair in buenos aires (not the first time i´ve heard this) and that it was a linda onda. little things like that make me smile.

leaving monday means i probably will be at next weekend´s party, provided the sound systems don´t end up killing each other first -- sunday morning was an outburst of fighting, cursing and general pissy moods between drop in, kernel panik and OoS. i ended up leaving because i´m on vacation from this bullshit - i have enough drama in my own sound system without having to put up with the drama going on in other people´s. ugh.

i´m going to walk slowly back home and grab a beer and pass out in front of a movie because it seems like the good thing to do.

that is, if i don´t get lost in the mob of people who are currently processing down the street for god knows what reason.

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