i shed some skin because i´ve shed my skin

i spent 48 hours in 4 buses for 3200km to come back to buenos aires, heartbroken that i was leaving my promised land behind, patagonia, tierra del fuego.. but confident.

i really have shed my skin, i really have found a light to guide me.

so i decided i needed to mark it.

my dear takito, juan, gave me three dots, dermally punched and then the skin was removed, on my forehead.

a new beginning.

i needed to mark it, like a tribal rite of passage, it tells my story. it´s not an aesthetic thing, it´s a memory, and i love it. it´s kind of crooked, but then again so am i, i´m not perfect, and neither are my mods.

i will be staying a while in buenos aires... and then going to bolviia to take the (dun dun dun) DEATH TRAIN. sweet.

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Nastycate a dit…

Dude now you need to shed that skin here... it is harder because you have all ze provocative shit right at the reach of your hand so now its up to you...
whats up for the weekend?
luvs you