not quite a superboliviana, but almost

well, the reason i´ve been sticking around buenos aires longer, the "big free party que no se suspende por lluvia" (har har) has been postponed... por lluvia! ah, and here i thought we were disorganized wankers, but apparently there´s worse than us...

you´d think when you´ve printed out 10 000 flyers and there´s 30 djs who´ve all come in from various parts of the world and the continent for this party you could find a rainproof spot.... or just move it indoors to cocoliche for the night, i guess that´s ok.

you might stop the party but you can´t stop the lluvia? that´s what it seems like, what with 4 days of rain. oh, a porteño autumn, how lovely.

in any case i can´t afford, time or money wise, to stay another week, although i´d love to, because bolivia awaits, la ruta del ché, santa cruz de la sierra, the (dun dun dun) death train, the salar de uyuni, the rainforest, city of skimask wearing shoe waxing children aka La Paz, ayuhuasca in Cochabamba (Lake titicaca), all of it is there, beckoning out to me... i´ve even started wearing my filipino dashiki-type-garb to prepare myself for the bolivian highlands.

i had originally written one of my artsy fartsy entries on the Road (tm) and how much i was missing it but a power outage caused all the PCs in the locutorio to turn off aaaaaand I lost it.


anyway. this trip, in the beginning, was very beneficial, because i needed to get away from everything and everyone and just be by myself for a while, live my life without really having to think about everyone else, my 4 roommates and whatnot.
after 2 months however, it´s also helped me to realize how much i need these people in my life, because i miss them like crazy... what matters in the end is that they´re my family, even if we fight ad bicker and scream at each other for stupid things like sleeping on floors instead of going to the formule 1 (oh, louis) or money issues (what family doesn´t have this problem?), or silly material possessions. i am proud to be a wanker alongside you guys.

speaking of wankers! one of the people i actually got along with at the point (shudder...) is in town! yes! new people to bug and pester at parties! cause i think the oos guys have reached saturation point. or maybe i´ve reached saturation point.

i´ve been having strange pesadillas lately, mostly weird things about possession or strange spirits and alternate realities and worlds. if all of these things are inside me, i can only wonder what is going to come out when i go see the shaman.

i managed to wander over to the oldest and biggest accordeon factory in all of south amerika the other day, i must admit i had a tinge of hope in my heart that i would find an old used battered 120 for 300 pesos.. what i found there was high ceilings and accordeons on shelves from wall to wall, every size, colour and type imagineable, from accordeon to bandoleon.. but alas, nothing affordable. i did get a free concert thoughm as the fabricant took out a couple and played everything from traditional french to traditional tango as the three women sipping maté at the table behind him sang along. i was in tears!
last night we thought we heard accordeon coming from the room but it was actually the computer, and we tiptoed with a hige knife and opened the door, tears of fear streaming down our cheeks, expecting some spectre to lunge out at us.
what a bunch of drunks!

i waddled over to see the brightly coloured tin houses of la boca, which is actually one big decomposing bario of old buildings in dire need of repair, and 3 streets of cute coloured houses. it´s a poor neighbourhood, supposedly the roughest inside the limits of capital federal buenos aires, where one is not supposed to venture out at night. being who i am with my general disregard for the rules i did the contrary, and hi i´m still alive. mind you i didn´t actually venture in TOO far, cause i didn´t have my guia and it was starting to rain. ah well. next time!

getting to bolivia will take me through córdoba and tucumán, then back up through either jujuy or salta to the bolivian border.
in the spirit of jujuy, i ran into one of the peruvian transsexuals i met on the bus whose face was melting off from the heat! i asked her how she was, and what she was doing here...
"doing what?"
"working. with my friend. for ourselves."

no explanation needed.

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