ponar la bañera

i think that means plug the tub, but i could be wrong.

i have about 150$ left after paying off some of my visa bill (ARGH) for the next month and a half. will i survive? will i manage to crawl back into the dimsal abyss of filth and hell that is lima, peru, in time for my plane?

only tuning in, same blog time, same blog channel, will tell!

so in the meantime, pictures, people.

my dots are sexy.

i miss my dog, and i miss ushuaia.

so much love. is in this picture.

el estrecho de magallanes and tierra del fuego.. goodbye, my love. goodbye.

a sheep on the ferry. who could sense death was near.

my maté consumption is approximately one kilo per week. that´s a lot of yerba.

i ran into a montrealite!

warning: overconsumption of tekno is hazardous to your health.

see what i mean?

crazy nights spent, sunday was very strange, tuesday i drank too much pisco and i think i got woken up by a security guard at bahrein but i can´t be sure, last night i watched the sun rise with ezekiel and woke up with the sound of ferrrrrrg in the house.
tonight.. i could take it easy, but i think i´m supposed to go make a ratatouille for frances and a bunch of austrian freetekno kids.

buenos aires you´re killing me. i love you though, so it´s ok if you eat my brain.


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