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uneventuful night at bahrein spent in the company of two beautiful columbian girls i met at mirko´s last week, but i have to admit i was already feeling kind of blar before even going out so i left fairly early (4 am is early down here). it might also be because barely anyone i know was there, and normally it´s a crazy crazy time, but alas it wasn´t, and it was my last one. oh well.

trying to figure out the best routes to get to do everything i want to do in bolivia in two weeks isn´t easy, but i´ll figure it out somehow. i do want to minimize the time i spend in peru for money´s sake, and also because lima is just so sketchy it´s incredible.

i´m already planning narfette does south amerika: part 2 for next autumn so i can continue my journey. my father told me when i first informed him of what i wanted to do that i was being too ambitious, and now i think he was right. i underestimated the distances, the cost of travelling, and especially that i would fall in love with argentina and stay here for an extra two weeks. my plan is cuando llegará la nieve en montréal... no estaré!

i get to go by purmamarca again (YAY! this time I WILL HAVE A CHARGED BATTERY!) and discover the quebrada de humuhuaca which is on the way to la quiaca. i can´t wait to see the north again, it really is amazingly beautiful, and then be on the altiplano before going onwards to the lowlands and the jungle. what an amazing array of scenery i´ll have gazed upon at the end of this trip!

anyway not much on my front today. BUT, i finally uploaded pictures. hooray! there aren´t a lot as i haven´t been bringing my camera with me everywhere.

carrie, laura, ferg, mouah, mariana and carry

with la towa, the hottest drag queen in all of buenos aires

last night at home with tsunami

my scars are healed! and wow i look tired.

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ack. I am still not going to buenos aires...it's just so nice here, with the beach and all

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