la gonche del parrote!

it´s humid as hell although about a metre of rain fell last night (once again turning niceto vega into a river), you can feel it pushing down on you and i kind of wish it wasn´t so hot out because it´s not helping my headache.

went out to bahrein and ran into antoine and marie maud from drop in who i spent quite a few hours talking with, it was weird speaking french i kept throwing in buenos and porkes and other spanish words which much have sounded weird but then again i was really really drunk (doh).
anyway. talked with mm a lot about their trip, the 11 countries they went through, heard their version of stories we heard back hom (the renegade virus brawl, and what have you), what actually happened to seb (was in a car, got jacked, at 3 in the afternoon, they asked him to hand over a cell phone that he didn´t have, and then they shot him WITH HIS KID IN THE BACKSEAT WTF HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO GODDAMN EVIL?!), discussed montreal ("When I think of Montreal I think of Mutante!" - Antoine), realized that contrary to what we, NTK, believed, they didn´t think we were complete idiots but were rather quite fond of us.
really nice to see those guys, i liked them when they were in town, and they were the 2 i got along with, so i´m happy to see they´re still around.

i don´t want to leave argentina. i really don´t.

but i really want to go to bolivia. and then come back here. and then go to ushuaia and frolick elf styleez with the penguins.

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