como le encanta la gasolina (dame más gasolinaaa!)

i used to despise reggaeton, and now i think i´ve just gotten used to it, cause if i said i didn´t like reggaeton i´d be a lying piece of oh shi--.

so, i give you the song that´s been stuck in my head for two days.

now, if you´re like me, this song should make you want to shake your flabby, flat, white ass and start humping the air while thrashing around wildly like a mad woman.

if you´re like me you´ll also wonder why the hell le gusta la gasolina.


do not question the meaning behind reggaeton. or beware the wrath of the towel shaking puerto rican.

so in my last week in buenos aires i need to start getting my shopping done (so send in your special requests now or forever hold your peace), maté gourds, the 10 kg of yerba i´ve decided to take along with me instead of my clothes, and also... a new scar! a traditional indigen design, from catamarca, because ever since i discovered the frogs that look like cats on a painting I WISH I COULD STEAL AND HANG IN MY LIVING ROOM, i´ve fallen in love with the imagery. also because scars make me happy and are a nice way to mark my passage through argentina.

i´m going to suffer in bolivia cleaning it, but oh well.

this is the design:

isn´t it hot?

now the question is: to eat a huge slab of provolone, or not?

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