ready for... what?

in typical crackwhore class fashion, i was waltzing out of a door when my foot decided it wasn´t happy and promptly bent itself to a 70 degree angle, sending me flying into a mud pit screaming profanities in a mix of castellano and french.

a kind girl came over and i was screaming at her because she kept touching my foot and then i´d start screaming at her, then apologizing, then screaming again until i finally told her to get lost before i killed her because the pain in my foot was blinding all common sense:
"i´m sorry, i´m drunk, i´m in pain, WHAT THE FUCK DON´T TOUCH ME BITCH, oh my god i´m so sorry i didn´t mean it WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DEAF DON´T TOUCH MY FUCKING FOOT!"

oops, i´m really very sweet when i don´t aggravate an old sprain, it´s nothing personal.

i managed to waddle back to the speaker but my foot was throbbing so i decided to curl up under a table and sleep the pain off, which worked somewhat.
i ended up sleeping again and woke up in time for a yummy breakfast (gracias frances) and cow cadaver with potatoes and marek´s cuba libres and BORAT and chic the dog slobbering all over me. sweet.

wandered off to a bar with giacomo and marek and then woke up in kristian´s bed (who left for mar del plata sweeeeeeeeet i have a bed) with a nasty headache that seemed to scream GET ME A CHORI AND SOME JUICE BITCH, which is exactly what i did.

now, i must call my insurance and make sure i don´t have to pay for this and get my foot to a medico before i break it.

also, please send beer monies, food monies, or "we miss you and don´t want you dead so here´s 500$ to get back to peru without hitchhiking or blindly following teknotravelers into la selva" monies... random acts of kindness are always appreciated. MMKAY?

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