i booked a bus for tacna, i leave at 7 tonight and arrive at tacna at 4 tomorrow afternoon - it´s a 17 hour trip with a few stops. i hope i can get into arica before the sun goes down, but i probably won´t. i don´t want to have to stay overnight anywhere but i´d really like to hit the beach at least once, apparently the beach there is gorgeous.
i´m too broke to afford even a semi-cama so i just went with the basic economico, but there were no window seats left, boo.
i just got back from central lima in a collectivo which goes through 4 different districts, the contrast in this city between poor and rich are unreal : standing on plaza de armas with it´s enormous colonial vestiges and seeing the shanties on the moutain in the distance, wow, i wish i had my camera, but it´s burned into my mind so i don´t think i´m about to forget it any time soon.
i can´t wait to get to chile and sit my ass on some clean sand and dive into blue water (instead of murky brown). i´ve got one hell of a wicked tan already, by the time i get back to lima i reckon they won´t be calling me gringa anymore :)

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