feeling kind of disconnected today, there are so many people in the hostel now, and right now most of them are sitting at the bar.
this afternoon i was pretty bored, a lot of people were still sleeping at 4 and the others were nursing their hangovers in front of the television. the sun was way too strong to actually go out before 4, so i ate a bit of fruit and decided to go for a walk - barranco is pretty safe during the day because there are policeman everywhere, and at night if you avoid the beach areas you should be fine - no one wanted to come with so i took off alone. two twenty something peruvian boys came up to me, asked me where i was from, what was my name, i chatted with them for a bit in the street trying to pick up a vibe, finally my gut instinct told me to lose the paranoia a bit. they brought me to a tattoo parlor just down the street and i sat and talked with the tattoo artist, luis, for a while, smoked a bit of mota, met a peruvian with blue eyes! it turns out the two boys who accosted me on the street and luis are also malabaristas and tonight a couple of us from the hostel are going to go to puente de los suspiros to do the bohemian thing. barranco is actually quite an artistic district, and i must say it is very beautiful, the architecture and the colors are breathtaking.

apparently there is a hostel here for 7 soles a night, if that is the case then i am so moving out of this hostel! it´s cheap by international standards for the facilities that are offered but it´s like the club med for backpackers on the gringo trail, and i hate that right now i´m on it.

i might meet up with someone i met here in iquitos in april to go to the jungle for an ayahuasca ceremony. it´s such a powerful plant, and i came here to find answers so i´m sure the huasca can help me answer them. from what i´ve heard the first voyage is very scary for most because it brings out all of your fears, questions, everything you hide from yourself generally when you try to pretend everything´s ok but really it´s not: it just shoves it in your face, brutally honest.
supposedly the indians can just glance at you and see if you´re sick or have a problem and they brew different plants and things to heal you, i´m not saying i am sick but i do think a bit of shamanic magic could open my eyes to the important things in life.

i´m starting to think 3 months isn´t enough, i just wanna go everywhere right now. and get the fuck out of this hostel!

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Michele a dit…

be careful Cat huasca is an aphrodisiac,but i'm sure you know that!If the hostel is cheaper and just as safe then go for it if you feel stagnant there.You are in my thoughts and heart.MOM