as usual i´m still up at 7 in the morning - since arriving here i usually take a 3-4 hour nap when it´s cool in the morning and then when it´s too hot i wake up and go out. today i´m just going to skip the nap and walk to miraflores, get some breakfast and just walk around a couple markets without buying anything aside from a bathing suit and some sunglasses because i have neither!

i´m trying to escape tonight to pisco, and then head to nazca to see the lines, maybe stop for a day in arequipa and then bus down to tacna to cross into arica in chile. that should take me about a week, if i don´t go to hostels and just take night buses and sleep in them.
from tacna it´s a very very long bus ride to varparaiso that goes through the atacama, and from valparaiso i´m going to cross into argentina. i don´t think i´ll go through santiago this time around but rather when i come back from tierra del fuego.
i´m sad to not have seen the punk squatt or to have visited villa el salvador, because i don´t want to stay more than 2 days in lima before i catch my flight. i hope that by the time i get to macchu picchu it isn´t heavily booked in advance!
i´m excited to be finally attacking the road, i needed a few days to get accustomed to being here before jumping into it completely but now i feel ready to just fly. i mean i´ve got three months man, i gotta make the most of my time and my (little) money!

i probably won´t have much internet access as i´ll be wandering around cities and sleeping on buses most of the time instead of staying in hostels so this is me saying ¨YES THE BEACHES OF SOUTH PERU AND THE SNOW CAPPED ANDES BRING IT ON!¨ and disconnecting from the world for a few weeks.

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