day 3 in buenos aires.

i finally met frances and nahuel (mirko) from OoS and gave them the styli, t shirts and vinyls i´d been carrying since montreal (that´s like what 7000km jaja) and it was really nice to met them.. the international tekno family of wankers. ah, yes. it was nice to hear a familiar acid loop, and they really liked the vinyls - the medellin cartel one really is excellent i must say. i was surprised that the MIR t shirt actually fit mirko, and frances inherited my virus t shirt -- all hand me downs that i can get again but that they probably can´t get, so they really were enchanted. frances and mirko together remind me of dunzy and mat - the older one who´s more zen and the younger one who just makes a mess all the time. haha. sounds like home already!

i keep saying barcelona instead of buenos aires -- they really are that similar, and the vibe here is great. i could see myself getting stuck here heheh.

it´s like someone´s turned on a faucet in my pants and the handle´s stuck, lordy lord such beautiful people in this city, i can only watch in awe as i walk through crowds of porteños all more beautiful than the other.
i basically just walk around all day looking and stuff and getting a feel for the city, i bought a french-spanish pocket dictionary cause i kinda need one, and a roquefort empanada OMG DIVINE DIVINE I want more.
yesterday my lunch was a kg of cashews and a fresh pear to wash it all down, it was lovely.

today i think i´m going to attempt to find how to get to carry´s from here by foot and then tonight drum n´bass with la mario and aprille and maybe carry who knows, buenos aires here i am now, entertain me!

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