after a 10 hour bus ride, i just arrived in calama, a little town about 2 hours northwest of san pedro de atacama - in other words, i´m in the middle of the driest desert on the planet.
i leave at 10 for salta, in argentina, which is a 12 hour bus ride, so i´m crossing my fingers that i´ll be able to hop a bus at 11 or so for BsAs, which is a 22 hour bus ride, so I can be there tomorrow night.

i shared half a cheese and ham sandwich with a little street dog, a beautiful cocker spaniel. it´s amazing the dogs in the street here, i saw a beautiful husky and wanted to take him with me, but they probably wouldn´t let me on the bus with him.

kimy made me a little card with a picture of a flower that i really liked in arica and wrote me the cutest little text and i was reading it on the bus and i swear i was crying, she´s such a sweet thing, i miss her already.

i met a traveller named marcel, a thirty-something chilean with blond dreads and blue eyes, he used to live in montreal, well live is a big word really, he had a little truck that he lived in and travelled all around canada, planting trees, doing the apple thing, yanno, seasonal work.

anyway i gotta jet my bus takes off in 20 minutes and i have to wander back to the geminis terminal and begin the crossing of the ATA-fucking-CAMA.

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