stuck between the altiplano and the driest desert on earth, the sun always shines in arica. always. it never rains. ever.
for someone who suffers from SAD like i do, my serotonin levels are having a non stop party right now. here, for all you wankers stuck in cold, icy canuckistan: have some sun. there's too much of it down here.
(i can hear you all muttering salope as i type this)

oh, and i have a chilean lover and you guys don't, na na na na boo boo. ok, lover is a bit of an overstatement -- how about drunken one night stand? whatever.
they love the blue eyes. and i love the dark skin. que rico. QUE FUCKING RICISIMO. one more reason to love chile, i swear, the men here are just.. wow. simply breathtaking. and i hear argentinians are even better.
antici.... pation.

putting my libido aside for a minute (hey, i'm not getting any in montreal, i had to make sure everything still works down there OK?), i'm almost sad to leave because everyone i've met here is so wonderful and sweet, and the fact that everything has palta (avocado) in it makes me drool, but i can't wait to see my darling aprille and dance around buenos aires in a tutu and eat parrillas. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

i really don't want to leave south america and i've only been here for 10 days, i feel so at home here, so free, it's owning up to everything i ever dreamed it would be. i can still remember listening to my father's stories about chile and argentina and just the way there were stars in his eyes as he spoke, that was the moment i decided i needed to come see it for myself. and now here i am, completely in love with the desert, with the 45 degree heat and the ice cold pisco sours, with reggaeton and choripan. and kimi who has to be the sweetest thing since dulce de leche, she has such a beautiful soul and a good heart. i wish there were more people like her in this world.
she won't let me pay for food. she won't let me pay for my drinks. she calls me la cata, but some of the others also call me pinky because of my narf tattoo, pinky y el cerebro they say down here.

i managed to upload a lot of pictures (350) on to a cd which i will upload when i get to buenos aires, it takes too long in a cyber and even if it is only 2$ for four hours, i don{t wanna spend four hours in front of a pc when i could be outside in the sun contributing to my peeling tan.

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Michele a dit…

i'm happy you love chili but pls oh pls make sure that sucker is wrapped up!!!

dunzy a dit…

salut la poulette,

bin je te cherchais et je viens de te trouver à l'autre bout du monde... je suis trop comptante que tu réalises un trip pareil

je t'embrasse fort ma louloutte
profites à fond....
et ramènes nous des photos

La cess

narfette a dit…

it´s chile not chili and yes yes don´t worry moums i have enough condoms for an orgy :D

ben cess tinkiet y a moultes photos!