I leave for Lima in 9 days!


If all goes as planned (which it probably won't), I should be in Lima for two weeks, then I have two choices on how to get into Argentina:
cross into Bolivia through Lake Titicaca, and take the road south of La Paz into northern Argentina, where I'll hit Iguacu and then Rosario;
or go to La Paz, then go east towards Santa Cruz to take the "Death Train" to the Brazilian border, go south into Paraguay and continue down until northern Argentina.
I will stay in Buenos Aires for a few weeks, this is sure. I hope to at least hit Montevideo in Uruguay for a day or so before I continue south into Patagonia. From there I will begin my jouney to Tierra del Fuego (the reason for the trip) and Ushuaia. After Ushuaia, I will go through the Chilean Lake District to Puerto Montt, and then go north to Santiago and Valparaiso.
After that, I will go back to Peru, hit Cuzco (how "gringo trail follower" of me..), and if time allows I will go north of Lima for a bit, before finally returning to Lima a week before I leave, so around May 10th.

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oligau a dit…

Bon voyage cat! Rapporte moi un beau gros sourire pour le tekni de cette été. :D Prend soin de toi!
La route est belle! :D