the universe vs. cat

so, the boliviano has been sick, as my holey pockets have been able to attest for... but now it's escalated. he had 7 seizures in 24 hours, is currently hospitalized, on some crazy meds and has ivs sticking out of him.

and my friend has had to put up with it. i feel so bad right now. i am so sorry.

my boli. my baby. don't die. please don't die.

this is a call for help.

this is a call for help.

this is a call for help.

i need to be out of my friend's by thursday, and i have nowhere else to go, no one to turn to. can't leave without my boli, can't just leave him to die.

i can't deal with this right now. he is my only fucking friend in a world of instability, the only thing i have that's real in a world where my reality exists only in my head.

the universe is being cruel. the universe wants me to fail. the universe wants to break me into a thousand little pieces, and then maybe a steam roller will come through and pulverise what little is left of me. yes.

FUCK YOU MEXICO, you hurt me so much. so much. i was ready to leave you, and here you are, sucking me right back in. why do you keep doing this to me? i eat your tacos, dammit, for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, so WHAT GIVES?!?

just... rip that heart out of my chest, go on and throw it in the fire, that's right. oh and crush it a little bit more? ahhh, perfect. now throw that mushy muscle that looks like ground beef back into my chest, and i will function normally.

i feel like an aztec sacrifice.

3 commentaires:

pierre a dit…

Salut ma cousine,
c'est triste à pleurer le message d'aujourd'hui, je me sens assez impuissant en le lisant, je voulais juste te dire que je pense à toi et à ton chien malade, courage miss Chipie, bises, Pierre

narfette a dit…

et moi donc.. impuissante face a cet ouragan de maladie qui envahit le corps de mon chien... a peine 9 mois, il me reconnait pas, il git dans une cage chez le veto et je ne peux rien faire a part pleurer sur sa tete. mon petit boli... qu'ai je donc fait?

au fait, merci. merci. merci.

Amélix a dit…

Je pense a Tiago et a toi. Si ca peut te rassurer, le prince des chiens, mon amour Zorro, est monté au paradis des animaux hier, alors il surveille Tiago et lui donne de la force.
Ca va aller