dear santa*

i would like to personally thank you for your kindness this year. you answered my prayer even if i didn't leave you out a pacifico.

christmas this year was better than even as a child, jumping out of my bed and throwing myself on the tree to look at my newly acquired loot.

as i left the airport and overheard upbeat, rythmic spanish punctuated with "che!", saying vos instead of tu, cashay and not cayay, that distinct almost italian sounding singing spanish; the license plates speeding by and the realisation that i had finally made it back to south amerika.

even better the look on carry's face when he looked out the window.

merry christmas, from buenos aires!

(*: santa being the plural form of papa and scott.)

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CarrY a dit…

u said it best giftmas ever!

thx cat for being strong luv u beer ferie!

thx papa duval and scott , for givin me the best present even without knowing it!

last but not least thx tiago for keeping her in one piece , wherever u r , u were a great dog ,
i didnt know u but u gonna be always part of me as cat