samba samba samba sim!

i decided that it wasn´t right to be in brasil and NOT go out, so i accompanied carlos and rafael (from the pousada) to a samba party on the outskirts of town.
i looked quite out of place with my dirty red pants and holey grey tanktop amidst the hoards of scantily clad brasilian beauties, but it was fun. i filmed it because there was a live band and it seemed so typical. i really liked it even though the women looked at me in horror (yeah well i´m not a citizen of the sexiest nation on earth, sorry, my ass is flat and pasty white, no point in wearing short skirts of tight pants!) and carlos made sure there was always beer in my hand.
i remember leaving, and that´s about it. apparently the door was locked and we were knocking on the window and i was coughing all night to the point where everyone in the dorm thought i was choking. interesting.

corumbá is a really pretty town on the pantanal and i hope to be able to explore it. the only problem is it´s already about 40 degrees outside and the minute i walk out i´m dripping in sweat and it´s almost unbearable - and it´s autumn here, i don´t even want to know what it´s like in summer.

it saddens me that i leave tonight at 7, i really would have liked to stay longer in brasil, but the fact that i´m ever so slightly illegal here and that my pack is in storage at the hostal in santa cruz are forcing me to leave the country.

it´s so strange, 10 km from here it is another world, this is the first time i have crossed a border and seriously felt the change. in la quiaca, even though argentina, it already felt like bolivia from seeing all the chiquitanas in the street, but here, it is a completely different world.

watching kids do capoeira under the shade of a tree in the street and hearing people play sambra rythyms while sitting at a terrace, fried pantanal catfish with feijoada and caprinhas, children playing in the street and the sound of football matches echoing through the city... yes, no doubt about it, this is brasil.

i just wish i could understand everything instead of 1/3! i can read it fine but listening to it is another story.

going to call delta to change my flight, i think june 1st sounds like a nice return date. right on time to pay rent!

i´mma go drink a caprinha (what? 11am you say? pff! i´m on vacation!) and walk around the pantanal now.

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