the adventures of cosita and tiago

i said goodbye to my friends in samaipata and hitched a ride with a bus back here, so i´m sitting here in santa cruz with tiago on my lap eating a sausage (and he won´t stop whining -- HUMANS EAT FIRST, THEN DOGGIES, ME ENTIENDES?) waiting for my bus to la paz, 120 Bs (15$) for cama service (first time for everything) seems like a nice price, anyway it was the only company with seats left so i took it. i want to get to la paz and send some of my stuff back to montreal because now with the dog and two backpacks it´s starting to get quite crowded on my person.

i´m loving bolivia but missing argentina like mad.. my little porteños. carry, juanito, kythe, and even the oos wankitos, mirko, polak, frances, sabri, sebas.. meh.

i´ll be back soooooooon i promise.

now to find some bathrooms and get the little one to evacuate his bowels as i´ve already been pissed on and it´s not pleasant.

more to come from the highest capital city in ze world!

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kythe a dit…

doggie piss is a sign of love :P.. The porteños are not moving we willbe here waiting for your return with newly found tiago!...

keep´enjoying bolivia.. be safe.. miss you bitch