nunca mas estaré sola....

day 5 in samaipata, escaping tomorrow back to santa cruz and hopping on a bus for la paz where i can hopefully find isa who is finally in the same country as me.

life is lazy and sweet, i spend teh day with the artesanos in the market calling out to tourists and trying to help them sell their stuff, all while drinking copious amounts of maté and eating delightful onion and corn cakes fresh out of the oven.

samaipata has a large expat community, full of francophones, bretons, normands, and swiss folk, so it´s strange to be surrounded by so many francophones! last night there was a bit fo a party down at la candé´s (where i live) and we were all drinking cachaça and blabbing away in french it was nice.

i went over to elodie's the next day, who showed me a pile of puppies.

"take one. please. either luna will kill them off, as she's already killed two and injured one, or they'll die. i can't keep them, and i don't want them on the streets."

maybe 4,5 weeks old, emaciated. full of parasites.

i couldn`t leave them there.

i picked the biggest and strongest male, he´s a little mutt but he´s adorable, i don´t know what to name him yet though. bene or tiago, i´m thinking, or maybe saqui which is quechua for favourite, but it´s a girl´s name. or nosé, cause everyone keeps asking "como se llama?" "no sé" "hola, nosé!". he´s curled up in my sweater right now, and he is the cutest thing i´ve seen in a long time.

yay! i have a dog. and i´m going to go to the market and pick up some menudos and some rice and make him a good meal so he can be a big strong dog who can protect me one day.. for the moment though, he´s tiny and fragile and i have to protect him.

i shouldn´t have problems taking him back, normally they need to be 8 weeks old for their first vaccines and whatnot so i´mma take him to the vet in la paz and get a health certificate for him and see what i can do to bring him back with me.. if i can´t bring him, well i guess i´ll have to stay here.

or maybe moises can help me out. i don´t know. i´ll find something, cause i´m not leaving him behind that´s for damn sure.

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