ainsi va la vie qui va

buenos aires.

it's been almost a month.

life has been quite.. uneventful, as far as adventuring goes. hence why i haven't posted anything. i'm sorry.

i go back and forth between the city and the parana delta aka tigre. when the city stresses me out, i go out there, where people live in elevated houses on green jungly islands covered in flowers and dogs. it's a nice place to relax.

i've taken up juggling, with poi and occasionally bamboo sticks. i'm getting pretty good, actually. my next goal is to become a successful traffic light juggler. i set the bar pretty high for my career, don't i?

i'm down to my last 20$, but i'm giving french lessons. mind you, i can barely say i'm living off of them, yet. but give it time.

crafts are nice, but i'd need to spend my every waking moment knotting up a storm before even attempting to sell in argentina - these guys have a level i'll need years to achieve.

i have decided to stay on here for a while, which leaves me with mixed feelings. a part of me wants to keep on going, while the rational part of me says don't push your luck. stop a while, regain strength and courage, hone your skills, be with friends. being alone with a dog is nice, being alone without the dog.. makes me want to cry. i miss my boli. so much. but i know it was for the best. probably.

i miss my mexican friends, but thankfully for the internet, i'm in touch with most of them, which means chances of our paths crossing again is high. pinches wes, los extraño, su mexican curious, sus campechanos. pero no el mezcal. el mezcal, es mal, we.

i wish i could turn off the vagabond switch in my heart. life is different on the road, for sure. i'm not so lazy. i don't sleep in. i watch the sunrise in different areas and my heart is content. i cherish the little things and keep going forward. but since tiago has been gone, i feel like i've just isolated myself more and my energy is gone. i need to recharge my batteries and calm down for a bit. after all, it's been almost a year since i've been on the road, and sometimes, you need a rest stop.

feel free to drop me a line as i can't be sure of my next update - nobody wants to read about sedentary life and routine.

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Señorita Angelita a dit…

El mezcal es solamente espejo.

narfette a dit…

mezcal digo, no mescalina! no es lo mismo....